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3 Skyphone is phone communication Technology

Sunday, January 27, 2008

It was love at first sight When I knew about 3 Skypephone Blue.The gadget comes with full support for Windows Live Messenger & WCDMA/UMTS 2100MHz, GPRS & GSM.

3 Skypephone Blue

The Skypephone uses Skype network when the handset is taken out to some other part of the world i.e. when it’s in roaming on another network. Besides this, I was told the handset comes with additional advantage for handling incoming/outgoing calls since it doesn’t need data/Wi-Fi connection that actually consume a lot of power.

Weighing just 86 g and measuring only 100 mm x 44 mm x 13.6 mm, the handset simply took me off my feet as I was also looking for something really slim and lightweight to stay in my pocket all the time and let me enjoy flawless connectivity wherever I may happen to be.

Airtime is a Technology that are used in Mobile Phone

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Do you know about Airtime? It is a technologies that is used in Mobile Phone. It is actual time spent talking on mobile phone. It is much expensive during peak periods during the peak time generally in day time and less expensive during off time period.

You can say it is consists of the total airtime used making both call incoming and outgoings.

As much as time taken in making and receiving calls, texts, retrieving voice mail, e-mail and downloads that are tracked by your network provider is depend on your billing cost.

Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) is a hand-held gaming console technology

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sony Playstation 3

Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) is a hand-held gaming console technology that was launched by its Sony on May 11, 2004.
If you are accessing wireless network & the brightness of the screen is set to the maximum level, the battery life would be less than 3 hours. However the battery will last for more than 11 hours if the MP3 mode is used without turning the screen light on.

The same interface was used by Sony in its TVs, the Sony PlayStation 3 , and PSX hardware. The main menu options consist of horizontally arranged icons for Settings, Music, Network Game, Video, and Photo. A sequence of vertically arranged sub icons is displayed under these options.

The default background tints of this PlayStation from Sony keep changing every month. However, if you want you can set the colour manually also or set an image at the background. Currently, there are about 10 official themes i.e. Wipeout, Lemmings, Cookies, etc.

Nokia N95 8GB mobile phone is the smooth & suave black casing

Friday, January 4, 2008

The very first thing you would notice about the fantastic Nokia N95 8GB mobile phone is the smooth & suave black casing. Just pick it up to experience the solid feeling. Look at the 2.8" QVGA TFT screen with its ambient light-detector that gives you a clear view & shows upto 16 million colours.

Nokia N95 8GB Mobile

About it is right that
you can store your messages, images, ringing tones, calendar notes, video clips, to-do list & a lot more without worrying for memory constraints. Besides this, the internal flash-memory of 8 GB lets you store multimedia content such as pictures, music, ring-tones, map data, etc.

The battery of the Nokia N95 8GB phone gives you upto 210 minutes of talk time in WCDMA & 300 minutes in GSM, and upto 280 hours of standby support. This stylish handset comes with a built-in hands free speaker, dedicated media-keys, and lots of other significant features. Just grab it to experience the joy of using the most stylish & best-equipped gadget available today.

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