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EDGE and GPRS Technologies for Mobile Phones

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nowadays, EDGE and GPRS technology is offered by almost all mobile phones handsets. What is EDGE, don’t know everyone however GPRS is known by some people. We need to explore our knowledge about EDGE and GPRS technology of mobile phones which is most famous nowadays.

EDGE technology in mobile phones handsets is most useful for business and web users. It offers users to expand bandwidth and various multimedia services to access video clips, images and such as services in their mobile phones.

Most of the people like to share video clips and images which are in large file in their mobile phones so, that users can be benefited if there is EDGE technology in their mobile phones handsets.

GPRS is another most important technology of mobile phones handsets which offer internet services. It delivers wireless pocket data for GSM handsets customers. It offers internet connection to mobile phones users.

GPRS technology is able to offer video conferences along with to surf multimedia web sites. So, in these days these both technologies EDGE and GPRS have great importance due to web and video popularity.

A user can write blog by their mobile phones if he has GPRS and EDGE technology. With EDGE technology he or she can store images or videos in his or her mobile and by the GPRS technology he or she can send that to blog post.

One can access everything to use GPRS feature by their mobile phones. He can connect with the web to search his requirement.

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