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LG Viewty GC900 for India and LG GD910 Watch Phone Unveiled by LG

Sunday, August 9, 2009

LG Viewty GC900 for India and LG GD910 Watch Phone
Recently, LG Electronics unveiled two new phones – Viewty GC900 for India and GD910 watch phone. LG Viewty GC900 is a smart phone for only Indian market. It has 8MP camera features. The phone has ability to store and cherish beautiful moments of life by decent photography.

It has distinct Shot Mode which gives a great experience of clicking to complete an impressive photo. Users are able to analyze scenes before taking an image. He can set camera according to his preference and suitability.

We can say Viewty is a smart digital camera phone for real people who want to adopt real technology. LG Viewty is already one of the most famous handsets of LG Electronics. So, there is no need to describe much about it. It is famous for its capability, design, features and camera.

Anil Arora who is the Business Group Marketing Head of mobile communication in LG Electornics said,
“LG Viewty Smart changes is a treasure trove, giving you pictures that look exactly like what you see. It is the best 8 megapixel camera phone on the market not only because of its specs, but because of the unparalleled user experience it delivers.”
So, he emphasize of camera features of the phone. It means the phone will be popular for 8MP camera features.

Further he describes,
“Viewty Smart is a real digital camera in a really stylish phone. Perfect for those dedicated to fashion and who like to be one step ahead of the technology crowd, LG GC 900 allows you to take your best shot and share your photos with friends and family quickly and simply. The Viewty Smart has a gorgeous display and best-of-class user interface. It has the potential of becoming a bestseller as it takes the pleasure of taking pictures to newer horizons.”
Here also he says everything about the camera features of the phone. He has emphasized on photo shooting and sharing among family and friends.

LG GC900 is touch-screen phone. It is in 102g weighs. In the Indian market it is priced as Rs. 27,500.

On the other hands, LG Electronics has done great job. The company has unveiled a Watch phone that is known as GD910. It is 3G enabled touch phone. In the world market the watch phone is priced as $1,290 with one or two year’s contract.

The LG GD910 watch phone comes with 1.43-inch touchscreen display, fluid interface, VGA camera, video calls, Orange 3G/3G+ mobile broadband and 14mm thick device.

So, LG has taken great step in global market. He is introducing phones according to the market choices. Watch phone of this company will get great popularity because it would be 1st watch phone for the mobile market.


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