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News about Most Playing Games on Gaming Technology

Friday, March 20, 2009

SuperBike 2001

Recently I go through a news about most playing games on gaming technology. The news is here: Most Playing Game is Adventure and Action in the World.

"According to gaming news it is known that in the recent day’s computer games and games on gaming consoles are most playing. Xbox, Play Station and Nintendo Wii products are the most selling gaming consoles in the world. On these gaming consoles most of the time people play adventure and action games ( according to the report. About the computer games news writes that most of the downloading games on computer is related to adventure and action genre.

After the touch-screen mobile phones ( now in the world of games one more phase has been included that are action and adventure playing games on the mobiles by touch.

In action genre games most time playing games on the computer and gaming consoles are – Virtua Cop, Halo, Star War, Shooter, Call of Duty and Grand Theft etc. These are arcade genre games also (

In the development of these games SEGA Sammy is on the top for launching action and adventure genre games. Sega Corporation is the company of Japan which is one of the most old in gaming worlds.

In the adventure games most playing games are – bike racing and car racing. On the gaming consoles most of the playing games are bike or car racing.

On the popularity of Halo 3 recent news writes that Halo 3 reaches 1 billion matches and about 64 thousands years it has playing time. All these news announced that in the all over world most playing games on computer and gaming consoles are action and adventures.

Most of the movies’ games genre is also related to action and adventure. In the movies games – Terminator and Mummy are most famous games also for PC. In the 2007-2008 gaming console’s selling does have reached in billions of profit. After the great success of gaming consoles most of the companies are busy in developing new games and new gaming consoles technologies. In this way Microsoft and Sony are on top like SEGA."

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